SA opposition seeks to oust Ramaphosa over farm scandal


South African opposition parties say they will apply for a motion of no confidence against President Cyril Ramaphosa over allegations of kidnapping and money laundering. 

The claims were made by the country’s former spy chief, Arthur Fraser, who alleged that the president had covered up the theft of around $4m (£3.3m) at his Phala Phala farm in 2020. 

Mr Fraser also claimed the suspects were unlawfully pursued and detained. 

Mr Ramaphosa, who came to power promising straight dealing and to clean up corruption, denies any wrongdoing.

Now the so-called “farm-gate” scandal threatens his presidency, as opposition leaders tell journalists he should answer to parliament.

They also want a secret ballot, which would allow members of the ruling ANC to vote against their leader more easily. 

However the largest opposition party – the Democratic Alliance – has declined to take part, saying it would undermine an existing process looking at whether or not to impeach Mr Ramphosa.

Without them, and crucially votes from the ANC, any such effort is unlikely to succeed.

The robbery and its alleged aftermath were first brought to light in June, when Mr Fraser, seen as a close ally of former president Jacob Zuma, opened a case with police. Source: BBC