Macron denounces ‘hypocrisy’ on African nations


French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday denounced the “hypocrisy” expressed ” notably on the African continent” for not clearly recognising Russia’s “unilateral aggression” towards Ukraine, as the European Union does.

Macron described the global food crisis as one of Russia’s “weapons of war” during a visit to Cameroon on Tuesday, dismissing suggestions Western sanctions were to blame.

Cameroon, like many developing countries, is grappling with sharp increases in prices for oil, fertiliser and foodstuffs. Severe fuel shortages hit the capital Yaounde last week leading to long queues at petrol stations.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday declared his country would support Africa’s need for security as he began a three-country tour marked by France’s military revamp in the jihadist-torn Sahel. Source: Africanews