Trial of Chadian opposition leaders arrested over anti-France protest opens


In Chad, the trial of six opposition leaders set to start Monday in the capital will finally take place 300 km north of N’Djamena.

The public prosecutor of the N’Djamena court of first instance chose the city of Moussoro, citing security concerns.

The association of lawyers called the procedure illegal and announced no lawyer would attend.

Two of the six Wakit Tama coalition members to be tried are lawyers. The arrested leaders started a hunger strike on May 23 denouncing what they called an arbitrary detention and their transfert in a high-security prison.

Their first appearance in court follows nation-wide protests the opposition coalition organized on May 14.

The demonstrators protested against the military transitional government and France’s backing of the authorities.

During the marches in Chad’s capital, petrol station from French company Total were attacked and French flags burnt. The opposition figures were arrested for disturbing public order and on charges of vandalism. 

The Union of Trade Unions of Chad demanded the release of the opposition figures. Source: Africanews