Qatar hosts security conference ahead of World Cup


Qatar launched Sunday a two-day security conference ahead of the World Cup. 

The “Last Mile” conference welcomes security representatives of each qualified nation and other relevant organisations like Interpol, the United Nations or the FIFA’s safety & Security Operations Committee.

We are doing a risk assessment on a daily basis, also in regards to terrorism threats and so on, Helmut Spahn, the head of security for FIFA  said.Let’s say it’s low (threats) and under control here in Qatar. The challenge is (to have a) compact nature and to have a proper organisation in place.

Six months before the tournament’s kick off, delegations took part in workshops in order to discuss safety plans. Over 20 qualified nations to the 32-team competition are already known. This enabled the FIFA security to involve the national football associations in a coordinate security scheme.

During the tournament, we will have an international police cooperation centre where delegations from all these PMAs (Participating Member Association) are presents and if we have a problem with a special fan group, then we can exchange information, get info on how we can manage that.”

Enhancing police cooperation as well as information exchange are in fact key goals. The conference is also aimed at identifying the latest preparations for the tournament, and monitoring the implementation of strategies with local, regional and international stakeholders.

This actually is a conference of two days, the first day we will really explore to them (with them) all of our security plans that we have in place, all our planning, and then we will keep them well-informed about the procedures and the policies that are going to be implemented during the World Cup“, Abdulaziz Al-Ansari, the Chairman of the Safety & Security Operations Committee (SSOC) of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 detailed.

The Doha conference was also the occasion for Major General Al Ansari to highlight a scheme in which Qatar and Interpol cooperate to contribute to policing and security arrangements.

Participants will be given a tour of the 8 stadiums. The biggest football tournament will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022. Source: Africanews