A Nigerian Motor Company launches Electric Vehicles to drive an Eco-friendly Africa


Jet Motor Company (JET) a tech-focused automobile assembly and design company has officially launched its electric vehicles in Nigeria.

Jet Motors is an indigenous Nigerian automobile company specializing in the distribution and assembly of premium vehicles that are tailormade and designed to withstand the rough terrain across Africa.

Founded in 2018 by Chidi Ajaere and led by a team of passionate professionals, Jet is committed to reshaping the narrative of the mobility space in Africa by consistently innovating in vehicle design and functionality, while ensuring Africa is ably represented in the future of mobility on a global scale.

The company is coming with a global orientation and unifying goal to lead Africa into the future of mobility by producing and distributing world-class vehicles, suited for African roads.

“The global automotive industry is evolving rapidly, gradually phasing from internal combustion engine to EV, part of the plan is to push Africa into the road map of mobility.”

Recall that the Nigerian automobile manufacturer raised $9 million from Canadian-based Africa Development Capital (ADC), Greatman Legend, and a number of Asian investors, to build Africa’s first all-electric vehicle in 2020. About a year later, JET Motors introduced its first set of EVs, recently introduced to Nigerian logistics giant, GIG Logistics (GIGL)’s fleet of cargo vans.

Given the dependence of over 96% of Nigeria’s population on road mass transportation for their daily commute which ultimately results in significantly high demand for commercial vehicles, In 2019, JET launched its flagship brand “JET MOVER” a multipurpose Van which comes in a variety of options and has enjoyed massive user acceptance since inception. JET went further to release Nigeria’s first Electric powered Van in 2021.

Jet Motors has assembled arrays of vehicles it referred as Jet Movers and according to the founder the vehicles come with its basic and premium options such that the Jet Mover is adaptable to suit all mobility needs.

The array of vehicles in the Jet Movers fleet include:

  • Jet Passenger Van
  • Jet Cargo Van
  • Jet Ambulance Van
  • Jet EV
  • Jet VIP
  • Jet Security Van

Jet Motors has identified the following challenges in the mobility space:

  • Poor road infrastructure
  • Availability of quality replacement parts
  • High operating and maintenance costs
  • High cost of purchasing foreign vehicle brands
  • Inadequate local content in the Nigerian and African mobility space
  • Africa is underrepresented in the global mobility space.

Jet is solving the mobility problem of the future while offering the following as its unique value proposition through its array of vehicles (Jet Movers)

The JET Mover is a fusion of European design and Asian technology, tropicalized for Africa and according to the founder the Jet Mover offers the following:

  • Functional and aesthetically appealing
  • Great user experience
  • Personalized entertainment system
  • Premium quality
  • Reinforced suspension
  • Reinforced shocks
  • Parts availability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Increased ground clearance
Why Eco-friendly vehicles?

In a bid to preserve the environment, the world is making a gradual shift from combustion engines to Electric vehicles.

While the rest of the world is progressively phasing out combustion engine vehicles, Nigeria still depends heavily on fossil fuels.

According to Jet Motors the future of road mobility:

  • 23% road transport contributes to global emission
  • 54% of global new car sales will be electric by 2040
  • 33% world’s car fleet will be electric by 2040

Jet Motors believes in a green future and is rapidly incorporating zero-emission vehicles into its product range.

Source: Techbuild Africa