Antwerp wants to sign agreement with Angola for direct import of diamonds


“Antwerp is the world’s largest diamond center and Angola is one of the largest producers in the world, we want to have a direct supply to the Belgian industry,” said Chaim Pluczenik, speaking to Lusa, on the sidelines of a meeting of Belgian businessmen with the Minister of Resources. Minerals, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Azevedo.

The official pointed out that 86 percent of the world’s diamond production goes through Antwerp: “We are prepared to sign a long-term agreement with the government, with some companies, just as we did with Alrosa (Russian diamond company) and DeBeers”, he added.

Chaim Pluczenik said that his own company, Pluzcenik, one of the main diamond houses in the world, created 65 years ago, is one of the interested parties.

“We like to work in the long term, we are not opportunists. We like to work on a regular basis in good times and in bad times,” he said, pointing to a possible three to five year deal.

The Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) is a public-private organization that represents more than 1600 companies from around the world and is located in Belgium.

In Angola, 20 entrepreneurs connected to AWDC participated in the meeting, in Luanda, who came to explore business opportunities and will maintain contacts with the public companies SODIAM (diamond trading) and Endiama (mining).

Entrepreneurs will also visit the works of the Saurimo Diamond Development Hub (PDDS) where the government seeks to attract private investment to fill the 26 available lots. Source: Verangola