Sudan wants to ‘turn the desert green’ in agricultural modernisation push

Sudan’s biggest conglomerate and one of the country’s top private agricultural investors, the DAL Group is embarking an greenfield project to cultivate 170,000 acres of the desert for pastures, wheat, grapefruit and other crops.

“This is the desert, you know, but we are turning it green,” says Osama Daoud Abdellatif, chairman of the DAL group.

“We have the Nile, then we have many other rivers, we have rain, we have underground water, and we have one of the flattest countries in the world,” he says. “Under the layers of sand there is good soil. So it’s not exactly difficult. You know, everything is there, you need to make it grow.”

The greenfield project in Abu Hamad — a joint venture with the Royal Group of Abu Dhabi is watered by 18km of canals drawing water from the world’s longest river, the Nile, which has nurtured desert agriculture for millennia.

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