A gifted Ghanaian animator Francis Brown of Animax FYB has reached a deal with global audio-visual distributor Amazon Prime to provide exclusive African animated children’s content for a global audience.

The distribution deal is expected to rake in nearly 3m USD to the Ghanaian based one-man studio with barely ten (10) employees without funding from either private investment or government support.

Francis Brown is excited about the deal as it has the potential to expand the studio and its production in the near future. He told Africa6 that he believes the deal is the first step in gaining the global recognition that African creatives deserve on the global art space.

‘’We’re not only excited about the prospects of money. We are also excited about the recognition and the exposure of our studio and our brand to the global audience. We are proud to be ambassadors for Africa in the field of entertainment’’.

The Ghanaian animated series produced by AnimaxFYB is called ‘Mofra’, which means Children in Akan, Ghana’s most popular local language and produces children’s content that sees the world from an African perspective.

Many Ghanaian and African parents are excited about the distribution of ‘’Mofra’’ on Amazon Prime as it will be an opportunity for African children all over the world to learn about African folklore heroes as they grow up to form a global worldview.

It is also a great opportunity for Ghana and Africa to sell its authentic cultural icons and heroes to the world through animated entertainment.

Salomey Gyamfi is a parent whose kid is a great fan of the ‘’Mofra’’ series. She thinks that this deal will provide local content to the global audience of African children is long overdue.

Salomey Gyamfi and her daughter “mofra fan”

‘’I think in a way we were loosing our culture and our identity a bit because most of the things our kids are watching are foreign and they are picking cues from other countries that might not necessarily be relevant to the community and society in which we live and so definitely this is a need we all have to support one way or the other’’, she suggested.

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The film industry in Africa is generally lagging behind on the audio-visual and digital cinematic worlds with just a few African productions considered good enough for distribution on global platforms such as amazon prime and Netflix. This has therefore come as a boost of confidence to the African film industry and a testament of the massive talent that abound on the continent.

 Animax FYB is aiming to join the ranks of world Disney and other global animation brands in the coming years and to put Africa on the global ‘Edutainment’ map.