This spicy sweet plantain dish will transport you to the night time streets of the West African city, Accra. A stroll through the night markets is sure to grace your nostrils with this delicious Ghanaian delicacy’s warm aromas. 

Made with ripe plantains and a mix of spices, kelewele’s sweetness is balanced by a little bit of saltiness and rounded off with its spicy kick. 

 Plantains are less sweet and higher in starch than their cousins, bananas, and are a staple for millions in many tropical countries in Central and South America the Caribbean, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Plantains are now available almost anywhere in the world in ethnic food stores. 

They’re a rich source of fiber, vitamins A, C, and B-6, and of  magnesium and potassium. Plantains are also rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, which are more slowly digested than the simple carbs found in processed foods. These keep you fuller for longer after a meal, which can mean less snacking on unhealthy foods.

Nutrition Facts 

for one cup of baked yellow plantains (139 grams) contains 215 calories, and the following nutrients:

Fat0.22 g
Protein2 g
Carbohydrates58 g
Fiber3 g
Potassium663 mg
Vitamin C23 mg
Vitamin A63 ug
Vitamin B-60.29 mg
Magnesium57 mg

The amount of vitamin C in a cup of plantains makes up an excellent percentage of the daily recommended intake. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and an immune booster. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage associated with aging, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

Plantains have lots of  potassium which is essential for maintaining the cell and body fluids that control heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally the high fiber content of plantains helps lower cholesterol, which also supports healthy heart function.

Do note that deep frying plantains, as many do for this street food is not the healthiest way of preparing plantains, however, the versatility of plantains make them a great candidate for air frying or even baking, for a healthier version. 


  • 5 Fingers Ripe Plantain 
  • Vegetable for Deep Frying 
  • 1 Large Pureed Onion 
  • 1 Garlic Clove 
  • 1 thumb Ground Ginger
  • 3 Tablespoons Vivi Spices (mixed dry spices: ginger, cloves, black pepper)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Cube plantains, or cut into small wedges 
  2. Heat oil in a pot ready for deep frying 
  3. Mix plantains with ALL other ingredients and deep fry when oil is VERY HOT (do not allow oil to smoke) 
  4. Blot out some grease 

If oil is not hot, plantains get soggy and over greasy

Serve while hot, and with groundnuts or peanuts for a delicious snack, or as a side to a meal.