A Zimbabwean news blog, PaZimbabwe has provided some much-needed humour in the ensuing tension that is the American  Presidential ballot and vote count by satirically reporting that authorities in the tiny nation of Zimbabwe will slap the World’s superpower with sanctions if their elections are not free and fair.

Zimbabwe is infamous world over for its troubles such as hyper-inflation and hotly disputed elections and the chaotic land reform program that saw the Southern African Nation country being slapped with a litany of sanctions by First world countries particularly the United States and the United Kingdom.


The article, which has no source(s), is some very witty satire and has caused the website to crash following a volley of traffic after a link to it was shared on mega-popular social network Reddit generating over two thousand comments.

It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE this is SATIRE as  NEITHER the Zimbabwe Government nor ANY REPRESENTATIVE of Zimbabweans in any capacity has passed any comment on the United States Elections. Source: iHarare