The Congolese businessman and husband of Africa’s richest woman, Isabel Dos Santos’ Sindika Dokolo has died, according to several news. 

Isabel Dos Santos’ husband lived in Dubai, he died Thursday, October 29 following an accident. 

For a year he had been in legal trouble with his adopted country, Angola, which had seized his property and those of his wife, accusing him of embezzlement. 

But in his country of birth, the Congo, he was among the figures of the opposition.

Son of Augustin Dokolo, the first private banker in Zaire, Sindika Dokolo had become known to opposition parties and civil society for his fight against a third term of Joseph Kabila.

Always elegant and easy to access, he even founded, in 2017, a citizens’ movement, the Congolese upright, and financially supported other organizations and personalities.

In Europe, Sindika Dokolo is known as a collector of African art. He campaigned for these stolen works or objects to be returned to African museums and was interviewed by major news media outlets for this fight.

Raised in Europe, his life changed when, in 2002, he married Isabel dos Santos, daughter of the Angolan president, the all-powerful and extremely wealthy Jose Eduardo dos Santos. 

Together, they run business in oil, diamonds, cement distribution, telecommunications.

The 48-year-old Sindika Dokolo died Thursday in Dubai following an accident according to his relatives. Africa6News