KINSHASA – In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the health sector is splashed by revelations about the existence of fictitious practitioners and counterfeiters who appear on the payrolls of the risk premium of doctors.  

The General Health Inspectorate has already detected 488 names for the capital Kinshasa alone. 

Today there are said to be thousands across the country. 

The General Health Inspectorate and the unions speak the same language on the subject, but the Congo Doctors’ Union (SYMECO) believes that more than detection is needed: legal proceedings must be launched against undue beneficiaries.

”  It is a dirty file maintained by a mafia network and whose actors are recruited not only in certain medical unions but also and above all, in the public administration and even in paying banks”, Dr. Juvénal Muanda Nlenda , secretary general of SYMECO said, during an interview with newsmen in the capital, Kinshasa. 

“The government must clean up the payroll file and establish responsibilities”, explains Doctor Juvénal Muanda Nlenda, secretary general of SYMECO. Africa6News