EU member states have agreed to support Nigeria’s candidate Okonjoyweala in the WTO secretary-general election, the AFP reported. 

At the first meeting held yesterday (26th) morning local time, some member states questioned their support for the Nigerian candidate, but after reconsideration, a final agreement was reached to support the candidate Okonjoyweala. 

Hungary and Latvia have expressed their support for Director Myung-hee Myung-hee, but it is said that they have decided to follow the majority opinion in the end. 

Bloomberg also said that EU member states have chosen to support the Nigerian candidate instead of Yu, considering strengthening relations with their traditional friend, Africa. 

Earlier, the Japanese Kyodo News Agency reported that the Japanese government has decided to support the Nigerian candidate. 

China, which has great influence in Africa, is also supporting the Nigerian candidate. 

On the other hand, the US, which is having a trade conflict with China, is sure to support Director Yoo.

The WTO is expected to make a final decision on the next secretary-general through the process of deriving opinions by the 7th of next month. Source: SBS Korea

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