ADDIS ABABA – Africa continued to maintain a more than 80% recovery rate with 1,387,022 patients having recovered as of Friday, according to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

At least 40,690 people have died of the virus across the continent, revealed the latest update by the Africa CDC. The number of confirmed cases has reached 1,685,589.

Southern Africa is the hardest hit region with 785,600 cases and 20,300 deaths; however, it also has the most recoveries that currently stand at 702,500.

North Africa recorded 454,100 cases, East Africa 199,800, West Africa 186,600 and Central Africa 59,500.

South Africa has by far the largest of continental figures with 710,500 cases and 18,800 deaths. At least 642,600 patients have recovered in the rainbow nation.