Numerous supporters have given their support after the racist insults against Youssoufa Moukoko. 

The background is Schalke 04’s most recent U19 game against BVB, for which the 15-year-old Moukoko scored all three goals. 

He was insulted from the Schalke fan block, also racist.

Not only Schalke asked for an apology, condemned the “insults in the strongest possible way” and assured that they would use the personalized tickets to track down the perpetrators among the 300 fans present. 

The audio and video material of the game made available to the club has been evaluated and “is now working intensively on the identification of the responsible persons”.  

The BVB talent trainer Otto Addo Borussia strengthened Moukoko’s back. 

“He has his own way and in the end handled it very well,” said the former defender

Addo had played for BVB from 1999 to 2005 and was champion with the team in 2002.

“Unfortunately there are still too many idiots out there who think that way. I think that’s sad and a shame,” said Addo. 

Dortmund’s youth coordinator Lars Ricken told the Ruhr-Nachrichten

that something like that had “no place in a Bundesliga game”. 

He was happy “that we gave a sporty answer on the pitch”.

The DFB condemned the process. 

“Basically no racism” is tolerated on the pitches, said Thomas Bergmann, member of the DFB control committee responsible for the A-Junioren-Bundesliga. 

Several national players also strengthened Moukoko’s back, including Jerome Boateng.

Moukoko himself responded to the insults in an Instagram story, which is no longer visible. 

He was “proud to be born with this skin color” and he always will be. 

“God made us all beautiful, we are all special, because no matter whether poor, rich, black, white, at the end of the day we all bleed the same.” 

He continues to laugh in the square. 

“No matter what someone says, it only makes me stronger.”

Source: zeit