MONROVIA –  Mr.  Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua, Director General, Internal Audit Agency has died, bringing to four the number of audit-related deaths in eight days.

The circumstances relating to Mr. Nyeswua’s death are still murky although newsmen learned that Mr. Nyenswua, who had earlier gone out with friends at the Calabash spot on the Congotown backroad was found dead in his yard around 2am early Saturday morning at his 72nd Boulevard home.

Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie, in a statement Saturday said the government is in utter shock and sadness over Nyeswua’s passing. 

“Details of the cause of the death of the IAA Boss are scanty. However, the Government of Liberia assures the public that once further details are established, it will be made known.  The Government of Liberia meanwhile sends its deepest sympathy to the family of the bereaved, while also urging the general public  to refrain from speculations that could be the source of additional trauma for the family,” the Information Minister said in a statement:

Mr. Nyenswua, reporters learned had recently completed audit of the Covid-19 government expenditure although that report has not been made public.

Mr. Nyenswua’s death follows  three high-profile mysterious deaths involving government auditors.

Last week, two employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority(LRA), Mr. Albert Peters and  Mrs. Gifty Lama were found dead in a vehicle on Snapper Hill Broad Street. Gifty was the Acting Manager for Tax Services while Mr. Peters was the Assistant Commissioner for Audit. 

Both the husband of Mrs. Lama and the wife of Mr. Peters have raised suspicions about their deaths.  

Mr. Sylvester Lama, Gifty’s  husband says he suspects foul play over the death of his wife.

Speaking in an interview with reporters at the St. Moses Funeral Parlour on the Somalia Drive, outside Monrovia last week, Mr. Lama criticized the decision taken by authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to deny him and other family members the opportunity to view the remains of his beloved wife on two separate occasions signifies a “foul play” over circumstances which led to the death of his wife.

He expressed disappointed over the decision taken by authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to deny him and other family members the opportunity to view the remains of his wife on Broad Street and at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center shortly after the pair were pronounced dead.

Mrs. Peters, for her part has dismissed suggestions that her husband was in relationship with Gifty, debunking theories which followed the pair’s death.  “Gifty was considered our daughter as she has been so used to my husband, and I cannot tell when I suspected her and my husband in sexual relationship,” the widow said.

Separately, another LRA staffer, Mr. George F. Fanbutu was pronounced dead at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center on Sunday after he reportedly lost control his steering wheel on the 72nd Boulevard, hit a pedestrian identified as Saar Fayiah and the car rested in the house of one Dr. Joseph P. K. Boika in the Roland Duo curve on the 72nd Boulevard. “George B. Fanbutu was taken at the JFK Medical Center in Sinkor, where he was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA) while the pedestrian was admitted at a local clinic in Roland Duo Community undergoing medical treatment. Investigation is ongoing,” the police said.

However, talk show host Henry Costa released a video late last week, alleging that Mr. Fanbutu was invited to the home of one of his bosses to help do some work and he honored the invitation on Sunday. According to Costa, while on his way home along the 72nd Boulevard, Mr. Fanbutu was chased by men on motorbikes with machetes. One of them opened the driver’s door and hacked the LRA employee on his head, leading him to lose control of the steering wheel.

The video showed Mr. Fanbutu bleeding profusely from his head which was being tied with a cloth by some citizens on the scene who rushed to his rescue. When contacted again to confirm Mr. Costa’s revelation, Police Spokesman Moses Carter said the only account he can give is that which he was told by the accident survivor who is currently seeking treatment.

Mr. Nyeswua has been a long time professional auditor and previously served as Deputy Director General of the IAA before his appointment in 2018 by President George M. Weah to head the Agency. Source: Front Page Africa