A Kenyan cleric, Apostle WisePreach’s attempt to be funny backfired after he received backlash over a Facebook post where he said he was seeking a Proverbs 31 wife.

Apostle WisePreach released a video clarifying the Facebook post.

The Facebook post read:

I’m Looking For A Proverbs 31 Wife Who Must Meet This Criteria.

  1. The Woman Must Be Christ Centered
  2. Absolutely Gorgeous
  3. Can Sing
  4. A Stunning Smile
  5. Between Ages 22-27
  6. Absolutely No Kids
  7. Loves Jesus More Than Anything Else
  8. Can Cook And Is Tidy
  9. An Intercessor
  10. Is Between 5ft – 5’4ft
  11. Never Been Married Before
  12. Submitted And A Great Listener

However, some of his followers were not amused and called him out. After the backlash, Apostle WisePreach edited the post adding:

I’ve Received Great Backlash On This Post! I Believe We All Have Preferences & It Does Not Negate Our Callings And Credibility. Nevertheless, Let’s Love One Another And Carry The Mind Of Christ. There Can Only Be One Wife And Therefore It’s Okay To Desire Without Fear Of Being Ridiculed By The World. I Love You All! I AM Still A Man Of God.

A majority of Facebook users said Apostle WisePreach was forced to edit the post after he realized no one wants to be with him.

A user Nancy Knows wrote, “I want to be single and serve God” <— that’s what you repeat to yourself in the mirror after you find out NOBODY WANTS YOU!” Another user Jacque Louis said: ” Apostle WisePreach So the initial post which clearly indicated, and I quote: “I am looking for a Proverbs 31 wife…” was all a LIE?”

Apostle WisePreach later posted a video saying that he is single and not searching adding that he only wants to please God. Apostle WisePreach said the post was not meant to offend anyone and was in no way a publicity stunt.

Apostle WisePreach apologized for the post saying the post was taken out of context. He said:

I apologise to everyone perhaps who may have been offended by a list. The intent of the list was by no means intended to offend anyone in any capacity…and the intend of the post was to address and to even produce an awareness so that we cross over into a dimension of self-reflection

Source : Harare