Victor Fernandes expressed his wish at Tuesday’s hearing to the UAE sheikh Ahmed Al Marktooum, an entity that signed on Monday a cooperation agreement with the Angolan Development Bank to facilitate the acquisition of tractors manufactured in the Special Economic Zone, in Luanda, where the factory is located.

In a statement to the press at the end of the meeting, Victor Fernandes said that the UAE has a very wide range of investments in the agro-industrial and technological sector, including the aforementioned tractor factory.

According to the minister, two factories are installed in the Special Economic Zone: one has already started production and the second, which will produce cell phones and technological mechanisms is preparing to start its activity in the near future.

“The objective of this meeting was to look at the other portfolio of projects that they want to invest, and make it marry with what are our needs in terms of industrial investment,” said Victor Fernandes.

The holder of the Industry and Commerce portfolio stressed that Angola is increasing its agricultural production, which must be associated with the component of increased industrial production.

“What we told the sheik is that we are available to, from the point of view of projects of an agro-industrial nature, to count on them as one of the partners for this undertaking,” he said.

He stressed that the UAE needs to increase its food production base, as it is a desert country, and Angola, which has all the potential for food production, could be a “very important” partner in this demand for food.

“It was an important discussion, because we have mapped out the way forward for what will be our relationship, it was decided that a technical team from our ministry will work together with a team from the sheik to develop the projects that are identified as priorities at this stage,” he said.

The sectors to be privileged in the investments are food, technology and equipment production.

The minister stressed that the Angolan state wants to change the economic structure of the country, as did the UAE “which had a very large dependence on oil”, and may learn from the history of that country.

“It has been improving its economic structure and has clearly changed its economic structure, currently no longer depends on oil. The UAE has in oil a very small source for its GDP and it is a success story that we would like to take advantage of and use the experience to also work ours,” he said.

Source : Ver Angola