Photos d’afrique zooms down to Ghana, meeting the boss of “Afropolitan Imagery” with good shots. Humphrey Nii Doku, a Photo Artist and the founder of Afropolitan Imagery. Afropolitan Imagery is an aesthetic brand that reveals creativity through photography. Our photo of the week’s inspiration pans from smoking and he quotes..

” Secondhand smoke exposure contributes to approximate 41,000 deaths among non smoking adults”

His ideal plan is to curb cancer from passive smoking, he narrates.

The founder said the aim of his brand is to tell African story through photography. “I strongly believe in nature and I travel around in the name of what I do. Going smoothly by God’s grace, I have been to Francophone countries such as Togo, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire etc. Afropolitan’s aim to run across countries in Africa to tell its stories.

Photos d’afrique reviewed a lot of photos from Afropolitan imagery and its definitely a must watch, It is going to be a great journey of photos telling Africa’s stories.