Covid-19: Angola drops obligation to wear face mask in car
Covid-19 : Angola drops obligation to wear face mask in car

“The use of masks inside private cars is no longer mandatory, but a recommendation when there is more than one person inside the car”, indicated Adão de Almeida.

This is one of the changes in the presidential decree regarding the situation of public calamity that will come into effect from this Wednesday.

The use of face masks in public and closed spaces is maintained as a generic measure of individual protection, including markets and in street sales.

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On September 1st, the doctor Silvio Dala died in circumstances still to be clarified after being driven to a police station for not wearing a face mask inside the car he was driving.

The death of the doctor caused great commotion in Angola and strong criticism from civil society to the police action, and also gave rise to a petition against the use of facial masks inside cars, which has gathered over 15 thousand signatures. (VERANGOLA)