In the light of the fast-growing COVID-19 incidents, Ugandan health ministry has transformed parts of Namboole National Stadium to into an auxiliary hospital to cater for the rapidly increasing numbers.

The health ministry opened a treatment center situated in Wakiso ‘s central Ugandan province, about 15 km east of Kampala, the capital.

The facility begins with a capacity of 1,500 beds, as health officials continue to track the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Dr. Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary of the Ugandan Ministry of Health:

“For us we believe that if we are able to get every person who has positive results and is able to, is shedding virus, we are able to minimize the spread of infection. And that’s why from March up to now we have registered 3,000 while many of our counterparts have registered thousands and tens of thousands.

A increase in COVID-19 cases, especially in the capital, Kampala, which is now becoming the epicenter of the virus, leads to the conversion of the stadium into a treatment centre.

Since the first case was reported on 21st March, the Ministry of Public Health has announced 3,667 COVID-19 cases, including 1,608 recoveries and 41 deaths.

Source : africanews.